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"The Original School House"

Lone Star School—A Short History

1908—Lone Star School is established shortly after Oklahoma Statehood, located on the southwest corner of Hickory and Lone Star Road.

1910’s and 1920’s—During this time Lone Star School is a small county grammar school with a student population of about 40 to 50 students who come from the surrounding countryside to this one-room style, old-fashioned school house.

1930’s—Pauline Wisdom was the teacher; she rode her horse to school each day. Lottie Thompson joins the teaching staff, having been a student at Lone Star School at around 1908. Lottie Thompson continues to teach at Lone Star until 1941. During this time the school was almost forced to close because of the dwindling number of s tudents. School Board member Richard Carpenter is instrumental in changing transfer policy to bring in more students from the district and the school population begins to grow again.

1940’s—Several teachers taught at the old Lone Star School building including Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Rainwater, and Mrs. Crow. During World War II the student population drops and usually the school has only one teacher.

1950’s—Mr. and Mrs. Sikes taught as a husband and wife team in the old building during the 50’s. Mr. J.L. Darnell became County Superintendent in 1951 and guided Lone Star School and the other county schools administratively until 1975.

1960’s—Mr. and Mrs. Willie become the last husband and wife team of teachers to be in the old building as the number of children grow so that a new building must be constructed across Hickory on the northeast corner. The new building was completed for the start of the 1963-64 school year with 4 new classrooms and cafeteria. For a short time upper grade students remained in the old building until more classrooms were added to the new school across Hickory. At this time water was provided by a well, but as the school grew more water was needed but the school was not yet on the city line and water had to be trucked in each day. Al and Bernice Hawkins were the husband and wife teaching team during the transition to the new building. In the late 60’s even more classrooms were added. Mr. David Thompson became principal in 1967 and was instrumental in much of the growth construction of the school including many classroom additions, gymnasium and cafeteria.

1970’s—It was at this time that the school continued to grow at a phenomenal pace. By the end of the 70’s there are over 400 students. A full gymnasium and cafeteria were added and the old cafeteria began to be transformed into a library. In 1974 a tornado hit the school just three days after school let out for summer vacation and tore most of the roof off of the main building and gymnasium. Mr. E. Dean West became principal in 1976 as the school grew to over 500 students. During this time more classrooms were added including a band room and vocal music room.

1980’s—In 1984 Mr. David Pritz became principal, the school continued to grow and new programs added. The computer age came to Lone Star during this time with all areas of the school becoming computerized including the educational program, library, cafeteria, attendance and administration.

1990’s—During this time period a new Pre-school program and building were added, a Junior High wing and new Kindergarten building. Lone Star School has about 750 students, the largest Dependent District in the State. It is a North Central accredited school, has a 10 acre outdoor science facility, and is a Channel 2 Weathernet site.

2000’s—The school continues to grow. An addition has been added to the Junior High wing. Grades 5-8 hold classes there and a new entrance to that building has been constructed. The Superintendent and bookkeepping office have moved to the south end of the old Preschool building and the co-op preschool uses the north end. The Preschool has moved to the Kindergarten building and Kindergarten is now in the main building. The old north-east wing was remodeled to house a new computer lab, server room, and resource class wing. Today Lone Star School has over 800 students, and is still the largest Elementary District in the State and continues to grow into the 21 st Century with the mission of “training young minds today to be the leaders of tomorrow.”